Rendera Launch

Rebrand & Website

Originally named LiveFurnish, they are a startup with proprietary software that creates photorealistic 3D interiors for the textile, home furnishing, and interior accessory industries. This software uses pre-rendered materials that allow users to drag and drop their designs into 3D spaces. The principal of the company designed his own logo and website in order to get the business off the ground but wanted to turn to professionals to rebrand and optimize his site and content strategy to better compete with similar services. The brand and website architecture needed to appeal to interior designers, clearly communicate the functionality and usability of the design software, and encourage users to schedule a live demo with the client.
Scope of Work
Creative Direction & Design Strategy
UX/UI Design 

The redesigned site and updated branding added clout and clarity to the newly named Rendera 3D Software.
Success came from simplifying the user journey to just a few clicks to start a demo, the minimalist design strategy did not distract from the sample images, and the single-page narrative flow encouraged engagement and told a clear story. Rendera became a vital tool for Universal Furniture during the 2021 digital furniture market.

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