Global Financial Aid Services

Integrated branding campaign

Financial aid processing is a highly complex field. Global Financial Aid Services have been in the business of simplifying this process since 1996, with the use of electronic tools that streamline the application and award process. Though they were successful early in their company history, overall they struggled to articulate their services concisely. I took on the challenge of simplifying the jargon into easily understood language, updating their branding and identity to stand out among a sea of collegiate iconography, and streamlining their services (GlobalPro) by creating a logo system for their parent brand and individual services. Lastly, I introduced a modern voice to their services that changed the audience's perspective from a threatening potential job replacement to a reliable partner.

Scope of Work
Logo Family Design
Messaging & Strategy
UX Overhaul and UI Assets for In-House Development Team
Video Production & Animation
Direct Mail Specialty Piece
The parent identity needed an update, as well as the look of the GlobalPro family of services. 
The graduation cap was an established icon for their brand since its inception, so in the interest of maintaining brand recognition, I opted for a flat graphic treatment that was more in line with their need to appear more approachable.
While rebranding, Global also launched a  new tool in their list of services, DataCheck. I seized upon this opportunity to accomplish two goals at once: announce the product before competitors could flood the market and reintroduce Global to their current and potential clients. 
Working with a specialty print vendor, I sketched out a prototype card that sits upright and plays the message with the push of a button. The card includes a USB charger to enable repeated viewings. We succeeded in capturing the attention of administrators by breaking through the standard of direct mail, incorporating interactivity and animation.

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