Counterculture Digital Launch

Milliken Floor Covering

The Counterculture collection was due to launch right at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. The Milliken sales force was unable to meet with clients and their team was scrambling. In response, I led my team to develop a series of digital sales tools with an emphasis on providing an intuitive storytelling experience to help interior designers understand how to shop the collection without their sales rep, while also assisting the sales team reach clients remotely. Clients were able to understand and engage with the unique characteristics of Counterculture without the ease of face-to-face consultations and provided the sales force with a universal presentation allowing for a consistent sales message. 
Scope of Work
Creative Direction & Design Strategy
Branding Strategy
UX/UI Design 
Interactive Design & Animation
Social Media & Email Marketing 
Commercial & Animation
Since showroom walkthroughs were impossible at this time, I approached the Milliken Marketing team with the idea to create 3D spaces for product installations. 
We were able to showcase the collection’s entire pattern and colorway selection, along with recommended floorscapes to reinforce spatial division and traffic flow. This video is integrated into the website experience, as well as sharable for individual sales presentations.
Creating collection takeovers for the homepage increased website engagement for Milliken Floor Coverings by 85% and lowered bounce rates to below 40%.
The carefully crafted user journey from the website to the interactive brochure provided designers with an intuitive and consistent collection story. The final piece of the campaign was to spread the message further through social media and email marketing.

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